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National card processing

One of the institutional commitments of the University is the approach, contact and return of the Graduates, so we have developed several strategies that allow their recognition as a part of the University Community generating possibilities of participation in the activities and processes that the UPN develops. For this purpose, the process of national alumni card has been begun to allow graduates located in several regions to get benefits from the services offered by the University and the agreements signed with Didácticos Pinocho, Editorial Magisterio, Spinning Center, Emermédica and Teatro La Candelaria, as well as other benefits we are processing.

The process to access this service is detailed below: UPN graduates who are outside of Bogota area can be benefited upon request by sending an email to, attaching the following documents:

User must also specify: the graduation year, program attended, telephone number, address, and residence city.

If not possible to generate the receipt through the virtual process, you must send the application to the e-mail:, then the information will be sent to the graduate with the step-by-step process.

The card will be sent by the Graduate Center through SERVIENTREGA, a specialized courier, transportation and logistics company at the national level. The shipping fees will be assumed by the graduate at the time of delivering the card.

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