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In order to develop its activities and fulfillment of the institutional mission, the Graduate Center should perform the following functions:

  1.  Contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the UPN.
  2. Promote and consolidate the processes related to connect graduates to the institutional dynamics.
  3.  Build a network of graduates that allows to collect and systematize the experience and pedagogical practice of the professionals graduated in our UNIVERSITY and determine its impact upon the educational and social environment.
  4. Specify, systematize and permanently update the information of the Graduates in terms of job placement, areas of professional performance, educational contributions, and other studies carried out by them.
  5. Promote the participation of the Graduates and their representatives regarding the evaluation, innovation and curricular transformation of the academic programs offered by the UNIVERSITY, allowing the identification and responses to new educational needs.
  6. Design programs that allow, finance and promote the updating; and, a permanent and advanced training through the participation of the Graduates involved in academic activities inside and outside of the UNIVERSITY in the inter-institutional agreements.
  7. Support the processes of institutional accreditation and the academic programs of the UNIVERSITY.
  8. Specify, promote and implement procedures so Graduates can access the services provided by the UNIVERSITY.
  9. Promote and promote projects and forms of organization of the Graduates in accordance with the objectives and purposes of the Institutional Educational Project and the Development Plan of the UNIVERSITY.
  10. Provide institutional support for the incorporation of Graduates into the labor market through appropriate information on employment opportunities or offering professional services.
  11. Sponsor the participation of the Graduates in the activities of the different sections in order to involve them in the academic, research and extension development of the UNIVERSITY.
  12. Establish communication mechanisms that allow the diffusion and exchange of experiences of the Graduates.
  13. Promote agreements and strategic alliances between alumni associations and the UNIVERSITY to promote their projects and organizing constant education events, optimizing the use of the UNIVERSITY’s infrastructure and scientific, cultural and sports events.
  14. Maintain constant communication with the representatives of the Graduates before the different councils of the UNIVERSITY through different institutional means available.
  15. Support the initiatives and the consolidation of the UNIVERSITY’s Alumni Council.
  16. Propose an incentive and stimuli system to promote the return and permanent participation of the Graduates in the activities developed by the UNIVERSITY and submit them for approval to the University Council.
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